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Document Innovation: How iPad Apps can make paperless Business Meetings more efficient


The Apple iPad was introduced on January 27th 2010 and millions are sold worldwide to both consumers and business users. People use the iPad at home to browse the internet, read e-mail and play games. On the couch in bed or at the kitchen table. The iPad is also used in a growing number of business processes. Samples are the ordering food and beverages in restaurants and use for inflight documentatation by pilots. But the iPad is also becomming used in the Office space: Business Meetings.

Traditional Business Meetings

Traditionally we are used to receive the meeting agenda and meeting documentation on paper, and more lately digital via e-mail. The attendees print their documents on a printer or multifunctional and take them to the meeting. If you are lucky, your assistent will print it for you. During the meeting some (seldom all) of the documents are actually used and some required documents are not available at the time of need. This even may delay an important business decision. After the meeting most paper documents are throw away as the documents are still available in a digital form. The modern life of a paper based business document is less than 24 hours. Is there a smarter way?

iPad in Business Meetings

Assume you have all the documents which may be needed during the meeting ready for use in a digital store. This can include documents but also prepared business presentations. Already a big advantage as documents can be delivered just in time, instead of days before. You also can grant access to documents you might need during the meeting.

To improve the efficiency of a business meeting all particpants need to have an Apple iPad tablet. This can be a private or business owned device. Create a connection to your companies document archive or use Dropbox to access documents via the internet.

Some prefer to have business meetings outside the company. Access to documents can become a problem. Store the document in a Dropbox folder and you will have instant access. The only requirement is a wireless internet access at the external location, which is basicly stand service in most commercial meeting points. Via the internet all documents are available or can be made available on demand by the office assistant.

But access alone is not really improving the efficiency of the meeting. Particpants need to be able to browse together through the same document, discuss the content, add annotations and decisions, and even share presentations, without the need of a beamer. Additional tools, iPad applications, are becomming available to support business meetings without paper documents.

Cool iPad Apps for Business Meetings

Dropbox. Dropbox is one of the best known internet file sharing and document storing application on the market. Dropbox can integrate with almost any device, including laptops, mobile phones and tablets. Dropbox acts like online diskdrive on the computer. Folders can be shared with different people, which make collaberation easy in multiple global project teams. Not on your own computer, just login via the the net. Start your own free 2Gb of online diskspace at DROPBOX today!

GoodReader is one of the greatest document readers available on the iPad. GoodReader can read PDF, TXT, Ms Office (.doc, .xls, .ppt), iWork, HTML, images, audio and video. Annotations can be added and GoodReader documents can be organised in folders and integrated and synced with remote server archives (iDisk, Dropbox, WebDAV and FTP). LINK to GOODREADER.

IdeaFlight is a new cool app to perform presentations in without a beamer. Become a pilot and invite the other particpants board as passenger. All will see the same presentation or PDF document on their iPad and the pilot swipes the next slide to lead the discussion. All partipants can add notes and save the presentation for later review. IdeaFlight is secure, only invited and in the same room have access. Learn more at Ideaflight

With 360 eMeetings board and council members can access, navigate and read meeting agendas, case information and meeting documents on their iPad. No more large heaps of paper to be printed, distributed and handled. All meeting information and documents always available, searchable and ready for download. Learn more at 360 eMeetings.eye one display 2духи родригезАкустическая система JBL Flip II FLIPIIYELEUМосквеToyotaSsangYongсправка по болезни цена нанокиан шинымониторинг позиций сайта в поисковиках

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